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Week 5 Story: Earl Loses His Inheritance

Bob loved his trailer and even more, his trailer park, Sunnyvale Heights, which he had lived and overseen for the last twenty years.  Throughout his years, he had seen many tenants come and go, but he loved a tenant named Earl the most because he reminded him of himself. Earl had lived peacefully in the park for the last 14 years, and took good care of his plot and had a good relationship with the other tenants.

Bob was sad because his wife had convinced them to sell their trailer and retire to a condo in Florida. He really loved Sunnyvale Heights. He was happy though that he had such a noble tenant to handle his overseeing duties, and that was, of course, Earl.

Bob told Earl of their plans, and although Earl was deeply saddened to hear that Bob was going to leave, he was happy to take over the responsibility of overseeing the cleanliness and order of the park in which he had lived for so long.

When Bob told his wife his plan to let Earl take over his job, she shrilled loudly.  "…
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Reading Notes: Rama and the Monkeys

In the first chapter, the biggest difference from the version I've already read is that Brahma ordered the Gods to make Rama brothers help him on his quest in the form of monkeys.  Hanuman makes an appearance here, as well as some other notable monkeys we haven't seen yet.

Chapter 2 continues on with some classic Rama bow killing.  He then pulls back the string of the legendary bow Viswamitra introduced him to, and by doing so, wins Sita for marriage.  Nonetheless, when it is time for Rama to become King, he gets exiled for 14 years with Sita and his brother.
It wasn't long before they got attacked by Ravana and the Evil Beings, but Rama was doing so well, Ravana went with the golden deer distraction tactic. Rama shot it, but his brother came in the forest after hearing a cry out.  When Rama and Lakshmana came back, Sita had been taken.

While Rama and Lakshamana were grieving, the monkeys saw and were upset.  They sent Hanuman to go talk to them and offer to help.  He took…

Week 4 Story: Ramayana Microfiction Riff

Rama Returns Fourteen years. My exile is over.

My brother stands before me to crown me king.

My people rejoice and the kingdom prospers.

My exile is over.

The Ashoka Grove A long journey has lead Hanuman here, to Ashoka Grove, in search of Rama's maiden, Sita.  And here she waits in the grove, surrounded by terribly monstrous she-demons.  So it goes.

Author's Note Rama Returns is a microfiction with a hint of poetry based on the return of Rama after his 14-year exile.  His brother is there to welcome him in and crown him as the king.
The Ashoka Grove is another microfiction based on Hanuman's arrival to the Ashoka Grove in search of Sita, as told in the Ramayana.  I wrote this one in a sort of tongue-in-cheek style, and I even steal one of Kurt Vonnegut's famous lines from Slaughterhouse-Five in "So it goes."

Indian Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie (1913)

Week 3 Story: The Chase

Adventure Time: The Chase There was once an evil wizard named Ice King who lived in a great tower on an icy mountaintop.  His greatest enemies were Finn, a human boy, and his dog, Jake. The wizard would spend days locked in his tower thinking of schemes to destroy the companions.

It was a cold winter night when the Ice King devised his newest plan. He was going to use his spells
to distract Finn away from Jake by transforming into a golden rabbit.

The next day the Ice King came down from atop his icy mountain and into the playful groves in the center of the forest near Finn and Jake's treehouse. He cast his spell and transformed into a cute golden rabbit and hopped gallantly across the grove, wiggling his tiny golden nose.

"Oh man! Come look Finn, a bunny painted gold is in the grove!" Jake yelled across the room of their treehouse.

Finn and ran over and his eye got wide. "Well, I didn't have anything else to do today. I'm gonna go catch it! Let's go!&q…

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part B

Bharata was upset and angry about the Rama situation and decided to try and get him to return. Nonetheless, he had to be a part of his father's funeral and mourn.  Afterward, he went to the jungle and met with Rama.  Jabali suggested that Rama lead the kingdom and Bharata remain in the jungle. Bharata responded by giving Rama gold sandals which were a symbol of royal authority.

After a hermitage through the forest where Sita met with a goddess, they stumbled upon Viradha, a beastly rakshasa.  Of course, Rama defeated him and was disposed of.

Rama and Sita met with Agastya, a saint, and gives Rama a sword.

Then there was Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana, who wanted to get Rama to leave Sita for her. Rama offers her his brother Lakshmana instead.  Despite her counter, he still does not want to wed her.  She tries to attack Sita but is fended off by Rama.  She goes and gets her brothers to form a battle led by Khara to attack Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana.  Rama took them all on alone and s…

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part A

King Dasharatha
Solar racelived in an awesome kingdomsad because he had no son from his three wiveswent with the horse sacrifice strategy to make his wives fertile The Gods were happy with the horse-sacrifice and promised Dasharatha four sons.  It just so happened that Vishnu needed to save the world and destroy Ravana, so he split into four and became the four sons. Everybody loved Rama the most though.
Vishvamitra needed Rama to deal with two rakshasas so. Rama headed out on the journey with his brother, Lakshamana. On the journey, Rama slew Thataka, which earned him celestial weapons.  He immediately used them to take care of Thataka's sons.
Vishvamitra told Brama the story of how Shiva sent Ganga to the underworld. Rama meets Sita and falls in love. He wins her over by shooting Shiva's bow. Parashurama needed more convincing, but Rama managed, thus Rama and Sita were married.

It was no almost time for Rama to become king. Manthara and her mother were not happy about this an…

Feedback Thoughts

In this article, A fixed mindset could be holding you back -- here's how to change it, I got a different perspective on feedback and how useful it is for getting people out of a fixed mindset and into a growth mindset.  I have noticed how often, especially as children, we are not given honest, constructive feedback on our efforts, but rather a pat on the back and a push forward, despite not giving any clear direction.  Professor Klein's connections with this phenomenon and how it hinders a growth mindset was eye-opening and I will be working on treating others with this in mind.

So if you expect feedback in order to get into a growth mindset, you have to know how to take negative feedback and use it positively, which is what the article How to Get Past Negativity Bias in Order to Hardwire Positive Experiences addresses.  Taking feedback and using it positively can sometimes mean leaving your ego at the door, thinking rationally, and connecting negative language with a positive…